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Exist In A Photography Studio Shoot @ Fascino

Photography StudioMegan Rizzo - Photographer Gold CoastStudio Fascino You have found me through social media, so you recognise the importance of hiring an Accredited Professional Photographer that you can trust to create the best photography studio portrait you have ever seen of yourself. I am so glad you are here and to be considered as your AIPP Portrait Photographer.

Fantasy Photography Gold CoastMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino

Over the many years i have been photographing women, families, babies, children and our precious Veterans, my clients are educated and understand the value of photography.

They understand the gift they are creating not only for themselves but also for the many generations that will pass after them. Just like our great grandparents, the prints we make of your loved ones, will still be sitting in an album in 100 years from now. As the generations lovingly pour over them in wonder.

My clients understand this, and it holds so much value for them. Long past the "session Fee" or the "print costs".

But, occasionally i will receive a comment around the cost of photography and how they are all so expensive when Uncle Bob has a pretty good camera....


So let's have a look at Uncle Bob and what he can offer compared to a Fully Accredited Award Winning Professional Photographer. 


Firstly one difference is, this is my Profession. I have studied extensively, trained my creative mind,yes i may have a good camera, which at any one time i can be holding upwards of $10,000 in my hands in equipment, but that doesn't include, the Photography Studio space, the lighting, the systems, the software, the Infrastructure, the IT Archiving equipment that keeps your memories safe incase of flood or fire, not to mention, the insurance fee's,  telecommunications, licensing fees, equipment upgrades and the list goes on and on. But I wouldn't tell my clients that because they know this is my Profession, and with any profession comes business costs.


Aside from the financials lets have a look at the REAL cost.

So when Uncle Bob takes your photo's, he gives you a USB and you pop on down to the local Big W, Officeworks or similar and print them off. But you notice the colours just don't look right, our skin looks too pink, or the sunset is just dull, then over time they start to fade, the inks are inferior and you become disappointed. Or maybe you don't even do that, maybe you just upload them to Social media, get loads of comments and likes and you feel great.

But as we all know, time passes and as much as we long to, we can't go back.

I ask you this, What happens in 50 years? When you Grandchildren want to look back on their family, the lives they led and the way they loved each other? Where do your grandchildren go to look at their Grandmother in her heyday? Because the USB is lost, or it doesn't fit with the technology now and Social Media...What's that?? 


But a print, a print from me, a professional photographer who uses a professional print lab with professional photographic papers. It is something to behold. A Beautiful Printed image of the ones your love. The prints i use have a 75 year archival guarantee. 


In 75 Years from now, that print you paid $150 for is now priceless. Because those people in that photograph are the most precious people in your life. But they are no longer with us.

But, the Photograph is, and it is Beautiful.

It is our memories at the end of the day that we treasure, and photography represents our memories. When you look at the portrait of your grandmother on the wall of your home, you can smell her musky perfume, you can feel the velvety skin of her cheek as you pressed your cheek to hers. there is nothing else in this world that can trigger our memories like a portrait can. 

So let Uncle Bob take your photo at your next family gathering, but for the beautifully lit and captured professional portraits, bring him with you to come and see me. 

For anyone who has lost a loved one too soon, or who longs to turn back the tick of Mr time, if just for a moment, I can give you that. No, i am not a magician, but i am a Professional Portrait Photographer, and i think it could possibly be the same thing.


Megan xx

Photography Studio



Click the Video Image to watch time travel in the process.



Professional Photography Studio by Megan Rizzo

Have you ever wanted beautiful photography of yourself? So beautiful, that you keep it forever and proudly display it on the wall of your home?

Wouldn’t you love, as a mother, to be in front of the camera with your children? Because in 30 years time, I guarantee, those photographs will be priceless.

I invite you, to a personal session with me. A day of pampering, to experience what it feels like to be in a celebrity photography studio fashion shoot, so that you own the absolute best photograph you have ever seen of yourself. To reawaken that person deep inside that you haven’t seen for a very long time.

It is my job to make you look incredible. That’s my promise to you.


P: +61 7 5659 2262





My mobile contact is 0430 156 333, call me. Megan xx


To return to the main website click here or to view the galleries of beautiful portraits click here.



Getting caught up in looking after the day to day tasks that work and life demand of you. Lets do something fun!, Let's do something fabulous and let's do something nurturing in a photography studio photo shoot.

So what if we did this. To give yourself a gift, allow yourself to spoilt. What if you decided to TRUST ME to create an image that reflects who you are as a woman, a mother, a partner, a wife, a daughter, a sister & a friend. Someone who is always putting herself last, putting everyone else first.

If you would like to join a supportive group where we talk about the experiences of Studio Fascino and other women, just like you chat about their photoshoot experience, follow this link to the Private Studio Fascino Girls Group on Facebook. CLICK HERE 

Call me, email me, message me, however you want to make contact, i don’t mind, but do it today - I will answer all of your questions, and lets book a date!

Give yourself and the generations to come, a gift that lasts.

Chat soon,

Megan xx


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