Studio Fascino | Does your Headshot represent your business?

Does your Headshot represent your business?

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Corporate Photography Gold CoastMegan Rizzo Photography I hope you are having a wonderful day!
Quick Question. Does your headshot represent your business? If not have you considered corporate photography Gold Coast to enhance your career?

Human beings are visual: The first thing someone will see at the top of your profile is your image. Your image is your personal brand. Your image if your chance to make a first impression. You owe it to yourself and your career/business to make a great first impression. Using a selfie and/or a poor quality image is not the best way to make a great first impression.


Just this week i had a corporate client in who stated " I absolutely "hate" having photo's taken of myself."

After our session, her comment was "Thank you for a terrific morning. I hate having my photo taken, but this morning I simply enjoyed the whole experience. ( perhaps the chocolate helped )?"

Then upon receiving her images "Thank you so much Megan. Wow, is this me ?" My husband thinks this photo is "Amazing"

With social media and our online presence playing such a huge role today in the success of our businesses, it is now more important than ever to be seen often, and in the best possible light with corporate photography Gold Coast.
Sometimes we try and short cut this critical element by looking at our corporate photography as redundant, and as an unnecessary expense. But we should actually be looking at it as an opportunity to portray an image to our potential clients, to share our brand, and to show ‘the face behind the business’.
If the photography on our website is done with a point-n-shoot and on-camera flash against a plain wall with a dark shadow around our head, it sends the wrong message. It shows lack of professionalism. And if we don’t appear to care about our own personal image, then why should our potential customers believe that we would use higher standards for the product or service we are offering?


Corporate Photography Gold Coast Requires a Plan

What then, are the elements that determine a strong professional headshot versus an amateur snapshot?
 The physical side of taking a ‘proper’ headshot requires the usage of standard professional equipment- camera, lenses, lighting, and photo editing software. But more importantly than that (about 100x more important) is the intangible aspect – Experience.
Without the knowledge of how to effectively use camera gear, lighting (even daylight), or to be able to trouble shoot problems should they arise, leaves you back at square one.
And having a trained artistic eye for posing and directing people in order to achieve the individual’s optimal look, is probably on the top of my list. Everyone is different and needs to be photographed a certain way according to their shape, hair colour, gender, skin, and profession. Knowing what lighting to use, in what direction, with each face shape, makes all the difference in the world between an okay shot, and an amazing portrait. A good professional photographer will suggest the proper clothing, analyse the model’s face and then pose and light them accordingly.
The last thing to consider is that depending on your profession or what the shot will be used for, you might want to add a little personality to your corporate photography Gold Coast. Showing your audience a little bit of you, will help them make a connection and start a bond before they even meet you.
Another aspect that is often overlooked but is so important is the use of a professional hair and make-up artist. This is true especially for women, of course, (but men can always benefit from a little shine removal and evening-out of the skin). Just because we do our own make-up every morning, even if we do a good job, doesn’t mean we know what looks best on camera. And while you are concentrating on posing, the last thing you should be doing is worrying about how your make-up is holding up, or if your hair is out of place. That is the make-up artist’s job.
And lets not forget the importance of corporate photography in our profile head shots on sites like LinkedIn in which we are directly representing our business. How do we want to be seen? Do we want our audience to see us as real professionals with high standards, or are we satisfied with showing them our ‘mug-shot’?!
For as little at 2 hours of your time you can have a bank of professional images to use across all of your social media platforms.
Contact me today to book your appointment with corporate photography Gold Coast Ph: 0430 156 333

Kind Regards
Megan xx


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