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Tips on Modelling

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How to create a great Model Portfolio


Here are some ideas/suggestions and encouragement if you are starting out in modeling or have been modeling for awhile. Follow these tips on modeling and become more professional.



  • Always ask the photographer’s permission before taking any selfies or images at a shoot
  • Always ask the photographer’s permission if you are allowed to share any images from the shoot
  • Note: they may not want you sharing any images as these images could be for an editorial or a client. If you show around images that are for an editorial before a magazine takes them, then most magazines won’t publish the images!
  • Be interested in what is happening around you, don’t spend your whole time on your mobile
  • Be polite, professional, respectful, helpful and friendly to everyone involved in the shoot. Remember this industry is small, so if you have made a bad impression you often WON’T get a second chance (your reputation can follow you).
  • If you are wearing borrowed clothing from a designer or store, please be respectful and hang them neatly back up, don’t just throw onto floor. Take great care of every product you get to wear.
  • Be reliable
  • Listen and take direction well
  • Give 100% effort



  • All models should not have selfies of themselves in their portfolio, take them off any professional pages you have for modeling eg Facebook model page, StarNow profile or Model Mayhem etc
  • If you are just starting out and can’t afford a photographer, get someone you know to take nice clean shots eg beauty, medium close up, full length on a white wall. Or try to do a Trade For Photo’s (TFP) with a good photographer. Any future clients whether they are photographers, makeup artists etc need to see what your body shape and face looks like!
  • In your shots make sure you have a variety of expressions eg smiling/happy, more serious model look, relaxed etc so that they can see what you look like
  • The client whether it be makeup artist, photographer etc needs to know what you look like and whether they could work with you
  • It would be worthwhile for all models to spend money on a portfolio getting decent images, that they can get work from. I have seen so many woeful images in new and starting out models portfolios, that you think are they really going to be worth working with. If we can’t see what you look like properly, how on earth can we hire you or even want to work with you!
  • The better images you have yourself in your portfolio, the more chance you have of getting decent modeling work.
  • If you have been modeling for a while, go back through and get rid of any images that don’t look great or do not represent the kind of model you want to be


  • Make sure you credit all involved on any shoots you do especially TFP, as everyone works hard to put the shoot together
  • Learn how to move and pose yourself – without having to rely on the photographer, study more seasoned and experienced models on how they move, what expressions they have on their faces, especially the models getting paid the big dollars
  • Be confident, don’t be afraid to move at a shoot, if a photographer likes something they should say hold that move or something similar
  • Get connection in your eyes (connection is SUPER IMPORTANT), if you are dead in the eyes, it can ruin a shot and that shot will have to be thrown away. Look in the mirror and practice, you want that little twinkle to appear.
  • Know how your face looks best – study yourself in the mirror, work out what angle your face looks best, work out what smiles look best etc NO duck faces
  • Practice in front of the mirror with different scenarios, eg your scared, your at the beach etc. Think of yourself as an actor – you want to put a story into every model shoot that you do.
  • Only put your best work out there
  • Be shoot ready, with your bag ready to go with bras, etc
  • Look after your body with exercise, good nutrition, limit alcohol – drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep so you don’t have bags under your eyes, look after your skin (especially if you want to be a beauty model – you need clear/healthy skin)
  • Make sure your eyebrows are kept neat & tidy and your body is hair free eg legs, under arms, bikini


  • Choose your photographers carefully, they will either make you looking really good or really bad especially if you are doing TFP, remember that these images are around forever and you want your portfolio looking the best it can be
  • Make sure their editing is good – a photographer can make a good photo look really great or they can make the images look really bad with their editing
  • They should be able to get the best out of you, and can help you look the best you can possibly be
  • Don’t just accept anyone to work with, it could go against you
  • It would be worthwhile paying a really amazing professional photographer for shots for your portfolio, so that other people in the future can see what you are like and what sort of images they could get from working with you
  • Remember every photographer is different and how they work is different, so be prepared for that, some will be ultra friendly, some will be difficult and not give direction. You have to be prepared for all personality type.

and most importantly have fun! Cheer Megan xx


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