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STUDIO FASCINO ~ fascino (ˈfaʃʃino - Fa-sheen-o)  

una donna di gran fashion ~ a woman of great charm


Studio Fascino is a full service Photographic Studio located in Burleigh Heads, Gold Coast, Australia and is owned and run by Megan Rizzo APP AIPP, an Award Winning AIPP Accredited Professional Photographer.


Megan specialises in Professional Portrait Photography, photographing every day people, like you, creating high-end imagery to ensure you capture your individuality & the most precious people in your life. Megan shoots for both her Glamour Photography & Boudoir Photography clients, to studio Portrait sessions shot in classic Black & White to Fashion Photography, Corporate Branding Head-shots, & Commercial Photography.



Megan first entered the world of Photography in 1989 when, as a young girl from Country New South Wales, she was entranced by the pungent vapours of the Local Newspaper Darkroom during her year 10 work experience at the Norther Daily Leader in Tamworth. 


She then dabbled in photography for many years part time and finally dived in full time in 2010  after going back to Photography school and relighting her passion. 


Megan Rizzo is now the owner of Studio Fascino and is a Multi International & National Award Winning Portrait and Fine Art Photographer who runs her successful portrait studio from Burleigh Heads on the beautiful Gold Coast.


About Megan’s Work


The devil is definitely in the detail, and the images created are more than one dimensional.


Her keen eye for detail and her artistic ability allows her to capture the complex story of her subject, leaving the viewer with a very personalised reaction to her work.


At face value, the images are truly beautiful works of art, but they are so much more.  The story behind the smile, the lighting, the background, the props, the look in the subjects eyes, poses more questions than answers, taking people on an intimate journey.


Megan intuitively reads her subjects,  teasing out  their stories, bringing her own personality and experiences, both good and bad, to capture a moment in time in its rawest form. A truly empowering experience for her clients.


Great Fashion & Glamour Photography Requires Connection


Building a level of trust between the photographer and subject is crucial, and Megan's warmth, patience, empathy, humour and creativity creates a safe haven for her subject to feel at ease.  Her repeat customers can testify to this.


Megan’s energy and dedication to her profession has seen her photographic repertoire expand and become an International and National, multi-award winning professional photographer of the Gold Coast. Who is an Accredited Associate member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP), and a well respected figure of the Photographic Community world wide.


Situated in the heart of the Gold Coast at Burleigh Heads, Megan would be delighted to welcome you into her creative studio to discuss your individual Glamour, Fashion &  Creative photography requirements. Megan is passionate about the Printed Image and has a range of luxurious options for the presentation of your images.


Beautiful, Professional Portraits for your home or the corporate world alike, Megan's photographic works of art are sure to bring some vibrant conversation to the room.


Please email all enquiries to Megan - 

M: 0430 156 333

P: +61 7 5659 2262





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Megan Rizzo is a Associate Member of the Australian Institute of Professional Photography (AIPP) her works can be seen in many International Fashion Magazines such as MUSEALPHA FASHION. ADORE Pin up. MUSE CHILD. ABC NEWS Australia

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