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Instagram has a new Pinterest-Like Feature


Instagram PinterestInstagram Pinterest


We know that Instagram and Social Media is moving at a rate of knots and Instagram it is not afraid to take some of the ideas of its rivals and make them their own. 


Talking to the many Mums with Hustle in the savvy world of online businesses and you will know how important this platform really is. Instagram has evolved from a photo-sharing platform into a burgeoning online community and an endless fountain of visual inspiration.


Here are some Instagram statistics


Instagram has a new Pinterest like Feature


Starting today, Instagram will allow you to save posts in albums, much like a Pinterest board. While the app already allowed for the saving of images, now you can create specific collections divvied up into categories, be it inspirational quotes, outfit muses or funny memes.


To save your latest find to a specific category, simply hold the save button for a little longer than usual and your categories will appear, saving the image to your desired folder.


Instagram CollectionsInstagram Collections


Before now, there wasn’t an easy way to keep track of posts you love, short of sending them in private messages, which meant that it was way too easy to lose a post (especially if, like me, you’re bad a remembering who posted things in the first place). With this new update, all you have to do is tap a “bookmark” icon to save a post and be able to go back to it later. Followers won’t be able to see your list of saved posts, so no one else will now that your entire Instagram feed consists of Paul Stanley of KISS and Big Effie Hair (er, or, you know, whatever).


Your Instagram may update automatically, but you can check to see if the update is available to you by going to the App Store and tapping on “Updates” in the lower right corner.


If you see an Instagram update available, download and install it. Unfortunately, you may still not have the “Save” update, even if you do have the latest version of Instagram. Instagram sometimes rolls out new updates over time, so some people might have to wait a while to get it. 



Instagram CollectionsInstagram Collections


You’ll be able to tell if you have the “Save” update by going to a post in your feed; under the image and to the right, you should see a little bookmark symbol (You can see it in the image above). Tap it to add the post to your saved list. If you don’t see the bookmark, you don’t have the update yet, and this is you: 


Instagram CollectionsInstagram Collections


I would love to know what you think of the new feature. Be sure to leave your comments below.


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