Iphone Photography Challenge

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iphone Photography Challenge | Megan Rizzo of Studio Fascino

Photography ChallengePhotography Challenge

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Professional Photography Challenge Projects you can start today!


Even though I am an accredited professional studio portrait photographer, I still carry my Iphone with me everywhere I go and over the past years I have certainly noticed myself documenting more and more from our daily lives with my iphone. 


As they say the best camera to have, is the one you are holding right now. 


So pickup whatever that camera may be and lets get you taking some beautiful photographs and capturing the world around you with an iPhone Photography Challenge


The first project you can start with is _ My 30.


Thirty days of capturing your world. And it’s easy for the first few days, take pics of your cat, your kids, a selfie, some chocolate, then you have to start to think. Think about the little things. Get a different view. Stand on a chair and get a shot looking down of your beautiful mess. Get under the glass table and take a shot looking up to your kids eating dinner. 

This project is not about the perfect shot. It is about CAPTURING your beautiful mess.



Wouldn’t you love a photograph of you, aged 8, playing in your bedroom, to look back on when you are 40 or 80?  I certainly would. The cabbage patch kid dolls, the little tree house, my teeny little frocks on the floor in a pile. How gloriously beautiful.


Share them on an album on Facebook or keep them private, just for you. And once your month is done

 get onto an app like Chatbooks, for just $8 you can print a flip book. They are very low cost and then pop it on your shelf.

Photography ChallengeChatbooks

iphone Photography Challenge


Then, do this project in the same month, EVERY YEAR. You will end up with a great collection of flip books that capture your world, the same time, every year.


Let me know how you go and use the hashtag #glamarUS so I can see how you are all going. 


 MY 30, if you are looking for inspiration.


Photography ChallengeMy 30 Photography Challenge


You can follow me on the Studio Fascino Social Media pages or follow the links in the description below.


Have a fabulous day. 



Megan creates a Photography Challenge that you can start today with your Iphone. Don't forget to tag us #GlamarUS to have your photography featured.


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