Tips for taking a Fabulous Selfie

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Megan's Tips ~ Photography tutorial How to take a Selfie


How to take a SelfieHow to take a Selfie

Click on the image Above to watch ~ How to take a Selfie with Megan Rizzo


Hi there! Megan Rizzo here from Studio Fascino on the Gold Coast. Today I am going to chat with you and give you some great tips for taking a fabulous Selfie!


Now, first up! This is Not to be confused with “taking a photo by yourself” ! rather it is a photograph of you made by you.


Tip one: Have a selfie Camera! What is that you ask? It is a front facing camera on your Iphone or equivilant.


Tip Two: and this is a biggie! – Clean your screen. Cause…stuff!! Kids Slime, Cocktail Juice, wine, brownie mix..or at least I think that’s what it was!!


Give it a little rub with a soft cloth or your shirt before you take any photo. This is actually a really good habit to get into as I have seen so many photographs where you can see the smudge or fuzziness on the screen.


Tip Three: Good Lighting! This is so so so very important. When I say good lighting I don’t mean full sun. It is too harsh and you don’t want a big squinty face. So think nice soft light that comes in through a thin white curtain on a window. In the Photography world, we like to call it a “Softbox” this light wraps around all of your face a creates a nice even light.

How to take a selfieHow to take a selfie

Photography Tutorial - How to take a Fabulous Selfie


Tip Four: Check your angle. It is not aesthetically pleasing to have a photo where you can see up your nose and count all of the double chins. Lift the camera up slightly higher than your eye level and then tuck your chin down ever so slightly.


Tip Five: check your background. Cause we have all seen those images on social media of the great selfie wher they havnet checked the background!! Oh lordy. So something neautral is great. A black wall or brick wall etc.


Tip Six: Use an “enhacement” App – there are plenty around like AirBrush

The thing I love about this app is it has built in filters and you can dial the intensity back. The trick with enhancement App’s is not to take them too far! Cause you don’t want to go to a school reunion and even though you have been friends on Social Media for years, you don’t want no-one to recognize you, cause you look soooo different.


Tip Seven: Use a Camera Tripod and put your camera on a self timer. This can be done with a normal camera and now even with your Iphone as well. You can have a 3 second delay or a 10 second delay. Super helpful.


Tip Eight: Use a Selfie Light! What’s that you ask? It is this nifty little ring light that attaches to the top of your phone and shine’s a soft light onto your face. You can also get the Strip Light Phone cases, same idea, but the light is built into your case.


Tip Nine: The back facing camera on your phone is always higher quality that the forward facing “selfie” Camera. So if you can wrangle it, it’s good to use the back facing camera, but, you cant see what you look like. So it can be tricky. Trial and error really.


Let me know how you go with all of my tips for Taking a Fabulous Selfie and use the hashtag #StudioFascino so i can repost your images and share the love.


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Have a fabulous day. Bye.


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