Vintage Hair & Makeup Workshop September 2016

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Vintage Hair and Make-up Workshops

Vintage Hair and MakeupVintage Makeup Workshop at Studio Fascino by Dead Gorgeous


What an absolutely magical day we all had together!!

Happy Birthday and Happy Hens all in one Vintage Hair & Makeup Workshop. We hope you enjoyed the day and that you wooped it up Saturday night looking fabulous!! 

Thank you gals! You were the bomb!!



Here is the video of you all. You are welcome to share it far and wide on your social media channels!

Have a fabulous week, embrace who you are and keep that lipstick RED!! Megan Rizzo - Vintage Hair and Makeup Workshops Gold CoastStudio Fascino

If you are interested in doing your very own Vintage Hair and Makeup Workshop, you can find out more here



 Travel into yesteryear with Studio Fascino's Vintage Hair and Makeup Workshops

When most of us picture old Hollywood glamour, we picture Elizabeth Taylor.

And with good reason: the actress oozed mystery, beauty, and talent with every violet-eyed glance. This old video of the actress putting on eye makeup doesn't take away any of the illusion: it seems like Taylor was as effortless as she looked. Vintage photography and the art of hair and makeup is art form that should never be lost.

The full clip is mesmerising.

Watching this woman, the embodiment of glamour, apply her own makeup feels strange. Especially since it looks like she's doing it with one of those little brushes that come with any old drugstore eyeshadow set.

Taylor starts by applying a dark, smoky eyeshadow along the crease of her right eye (her left eye is already done), which she then blends with a pale blue eyeshadow.

Next, she sweeps that same shadow along her lower lash line, pulling the line out and up to create a drama-heavy cat eye.





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