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Portrait Photography Gold Coast with Megan Rizzo


Portrait Photography Gold CoastBlack and White




I am not going to make you look like a false version of a magazine model. My job is to capture you, as you are, bring out your best features using my professional knowledge in portrait photography Gold Coast making, to create an image you adore.




I always think about what type of photograph i would like to have to look back on as an older woman. Of course we all want to capture those fun family ‘moments’ that weave together to make up our precious memories of the days past, but i would also like to look back upon ONE beautifully crafted portrait. Something reminiscent of the old hollywood icons i have loved and adored for such a long time. Inspired by the black and white portraits of our grandmothers and great grandmothers.




Well, i think thats where i would like to sit for a while in my creative portraiture and i would like you to join me. 











I recently asked 3 women to sit for me so i could make their portrait. I had hand painted the backdrop a few weeks prior and i had imagined the shots in my mind and i knew exactly what i wanted to create for them. These 3 women all wore minimal makeup, hair natural and a plain black top. I added some tulle and other minimal styling and asked them to give me ‘realness’. I wanted to see their personality through their eyes. Their vulnerabilities, their honesty and their inner beauty.




THIS is something you can do too.




Yes, you, sitting reading this thinking “i could never do that!”, “only models do that“, “i need to get to my perfect weight first”, “i am not photogenic”, “i don’t take good photographs”, “I don’t have time”, “You will have to use the soft focus lens”, You name it, i have heard it all!! But, you know what, NONE OF THAT MATTERS..none! I want to help you see your inner beauty, see the gorgeous individual kind, loving, generous person that you are embracing portrait photography













The Portrait Photography Gold Coast Treatment






Give yourself a gift, allow yourself to spoilt. TRUST ME to create a portrait photography Gold Coast image that reflects who you are as a woman, a mother, a partner, a wife, a daughter, a sister & a friend. Someone who is always putting herself last, looking after the day to day tasks that work and life demand of you. Lets do something fun!, fabulous and nurturing.













Call me, email me, message me, however you want to make contact, i don’t mind, but do it today - I will answer all of your questions, and lets book a date!




Give yourself and the generations to come, a gift that lasts.




Chat soon,




Megan xx




Portrait Photography Gold Coast






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