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Fashion Photographer @ Studio Fascino


What a wonderful surprise on a Monday!! The Winter Queen Series of images, published in the New York publication, ALPHA FASHION MAGAZINE. A Model Portfolio taken by a Fashion Photographer can really launch your career.

Thank you to the Fabulous Bree of Dead Gorgeous - Hair & Makeup Styling& my Model Darsha Sai Garcia Foresaw for helping this concept to come to life. 
You can see the whole magazine here. M xx

Lick below

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Concept/Costuming/Styling/Photography: Megan Rizzo of Studio Fascino, Gold Coast, Australia.

Hair & Makeup: Dead Gorgeous Hair & Makeup Styling.

Model 2 (White Hair) : Darsha Sai



Fashion Photographer Model Portfolio - The Winter Queen is part of a Seasons Series started in 2015.


Megan has completed Autumn and Winter Fashion Photographer model portfolio with her creative sights set in Spring and Summer! The series is about immersing herself in all that each season brings and transforming her models with her own personal styling.

Even on the coldest days of winter the sun is bright in the sky, bringing joy to my heart. The snow has a purity that elevates my spirit, the world made as pristine as a book ready for new stories. Already my creativity is surging, dancing around the evergreens with the delight of a child. Even the coldness upon my face is refreshing, my body cozy inside a warm coat.

The Clean Crisp feel, and scents. Think white, crisp, clean, delicate, chill, breath, rain, sleet, snowflakes, powder, icicles, crystals, frost, cold, bitter, windy, sparkling, lacy, delicate, soft, fluffy, melting, cloudy, hills, mountain, pond, forest, woods, creek, river, lane, pine, cedar, scent, bare, dark, silvery, blue, white, gray, clear, piney, berries, hibernate, knit, sew, snuggle, read, book, stories, hearth, smoke, chimney, coals, flames, fire, fireplace, blazing, crackling, glowing, warm, cozy, toasty, spiced, spicy, tea, cider, cocoa, mug, popcorn, sugar, vanilla, spice, ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, baking, aroma, waft & baking.


Studio Fascino by Megan Rizzo, is an Award Winning AIPP accredited Portrait Studio located on Australia's Gold Coast. Come in and see Megan about your model portfolio today.


Please email all enquiries to Megan - . Or give her a call on 0430 156 333 She would love to chat with you.



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