The 2016 QLD AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards

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The 2016 QLD AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards

It begins many, many months prior, as I start to formulate ideas and concepts that will challenge me to create an image that is not only thought provoking, but also as close to technically perfect as I can get.
This year I was fortunate that I had my new studio space up and running and was able to shoot with all of my inspiration, props and lighting around me. Some of the images I even had time to shoot prior to test the concepts and lighting, then refine them for the final shoot. I did this mainly with the Bird Princess shoot and then had a difficult time of choosing which images to submit. There is a very strict "single subject' rule, so you are unable to enter the same person more than once, even if it is a different shoot.

I am now very aware, that the images I create are a direct reflection of my inner thoughts and that those feelings resonate with the viewers. Some of my images are bright and playful, others are fierce and show an inner strength and beauty. All of them are the absolute best that I can possibly create at this time, so I am very proud of each one.
As the test printing process begins it is a trusting relationship that is built over many conversations with a fine Art printer. I am lucky to have Tristam from EV Photo working with me to create the end ‘look and feel’ for each image. this is so important when entering Professional Photography Awards.This comes with selecting the right paper with the right texture and density that compliments the message I want to convey. Sometimes we print many many many tests as each time you may see a microscopic flaw that needs correcting before reprinting and being placed under specific lighting and being analysed again.
The deadline is looming as I start to question my image choices and hours before the deadline for online entries, I start pouring over my image library to see if there is possibly any other options. This really is just panic setting in and a huge waste of energy, but a process that seems to repeat at each awards season. The only success that came from this, was a very large coldsore that kindly appeared on my bottom lip!
The images are sent off with the hopes and dreams in my heart, after being measured for the exact size in their allocated print case as they wait their fate.

Professional Photography Awards

After this process I then step back into my role as QLD AIPP Council where I work behind the scenes with a wonderfully dedicated team to bring the actual event together. This includes event logistics, catering, student helpers, accommodation and collection of interstate and international judges. Once the official judging commences I then step into the important role of Panel Chair where I administer the activites of the panel of expert judges.  I describe this role as being under immense pressure where you have a dozen different people at any one time giving you information that you then distribute back through alternate channels.  Almost like traffic control. During the ten hours in the role each day, You must remain composed, calm and professional at all times, oh and jovial and interested, firm and commanding. HA! Sounds so easy….           It was an honour to be asked to Panel Chair this year and I had fabulous assistants and support the entire 2 days that made it look easy.
Over the 2 days of judging we had 870 images pass through and each night my mind was swimming, loaded with inspiration.
The judging was very tough but fair and consistent over the weekend, as winning awards should be hard. I am pleased that all of my images scored well. 79,79,79,79 and 83 and as the QLD state awards are the testing ground for the National awards, I will now be able to refine my images further to ensure they score well at the largest awards in the country later in the year.
So just like that, months of works, head space used and stress incurred, its over. We pack up Sunday night and all head home. THEN, the Monday night, its Party time! It is time for our QLD Photograp[hic community to laugh, dance, catch up and celebrate the winners. Winners of categories and the overall Professional Photographer of the year. All of these people are highly talented, inspiring and well deserving of their images. I am so very pleased for every one of them.

Jannick Clausen has been named overall winner at The 2016 AIPP QUEENSLAND Epson Professional Photography Awards

2016 AIPP QLD Epson Professional Photographer of the Year - Jannick Clausen APP M.Photog
2016 AIPP QLD Wedding Photographer of the Year - Andrea Thompson APP AAIPP
2016 AIPP QLD Birth Photographer of the Year - Selena Rollason APP AAIPP

2016 AIPP QLD Commercial Photographer of the Year - William Long APP.L M.Photog V Hon. LM FBIPP FRPS

2016 AIPP QLD Science, Wildlife & Wild Places Photographer of the Year - Liz Harlin APP AAIPP

2016 AIPP QLD Travel Photographer of the Year - Justin Blank APP AAIPP

2016 AIPP QLD Landscape Photographer of the Year - Jannick Clausen APP M.Photog 

2016 AIPP QLD Illustrative Photographer of the Year - Forough Yavari APP
2016 AIPP QLD Portrait Photographer of the Year - Peter Rossi APP.L GM.Photog 
2016 AIPP QLD Newborn Photographer of the Year - Kelly Brown APP M.Photog I
2016 AIPP QLD Fashion Photographer of the Year - Cameron Attree APP M.Photog II 

2016 AIPP QLD Sport Photographer of the Year - Matt Palmer APP AAIPP

2016 AIPP QLD Emerging Photographer of the Year - Shane McCaffery

2016 QLD Highest Scoring Print – Andrea Thompson APP AAIPP

2016 QLD Epson Signature Worthy Award – Jannick Clausen APP M.Photog
2016 QLD Presidents Award – Megan Rizzo APP AAIPP

Congratulations to all the winners! Check out all the winning images.
I was also honoured and completely  shocked and surprised to receive the Presidents Awards this year from our QLD President Adam Finch. As many of you already know I have been the QLD Co-Ordinator for the voluntary AIPP Veterans Project for the past 12 months. QLD has led the way and we have photographed over 7000 veterans Australia wide. It has enriched my life beyond words and i am looking forward to the day we present this very special book the National War Museum in Canberra later this year.

Here is slideshow of a small handful of beautiful faces.

Megan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino

I was happily doing my role on stage at the Gala Dinner, using Adriana Xenides as my role model, and I was hearing these great words coming from the President of QLD describing this person and all of the work they do, and I’m thinking to myself, wow, that sounds amazing. Who are they talking about…then, doh, it clicked..Oh My God. That’s me, THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT ME!! Little old Megan.  The President for QLD announced my name and the amazing community of people, all STOOD UP…and applauded…for me!!! *breathe, in, out, in out, don’t cry. I was so overwhelmed.
  Professional Photography AwardsMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino Fantasy Photography Gold CoastMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino Fantasy Photography Gold CoastMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino
So, THANKYOU for making me feel so very special. I am just so blessed to have found ‘my people, my tribe’ and treasure each one of you in the AIPP Photographic community. You really have rocked my world.

You can see some images here from the night.
Congratulations to the winners and I look forward to being inspired by more creative Photography.


Megan xx


My entered images:



Moira McDonald(non-registered)
Amazing! Congratulations Megan :)
Tara Bennett(non-registered)
I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Great insight into the hardwork and team work that goes into the awards.
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