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Portrait Photographer  

For those that know me, you will also know that Photography for me, was never about TAKING a photo, but GIVING.

Giving a gift. ensuring the subject see's themselves as i do.

Strong, Beautiful & empowered.

A lasting image that can be appreciated and adored for many generations to come. Just like the portraits that hung on the walls of our Parents, Grandmothers & generations past. My photography is a service of love and happiness.


I have been fortunate to be able to share my craft with some gorgeous women who have trusted me to capture their inner beauty, courage, vulnerability & strength.

Glamour Photo Studio Gold Coast | Photographer Megan RizzoGlamour Photo Studio Gold Coast | Photographer Megan Rizzo

Clients Trust Megan Rizzo to be their Portrait Photographer



​It's true that the thought of being photographed for most of us is terrifying. "what is they see my pimple?" "what if they think i'm too fat?", "What if they think i am too thin?" "what if my hair is flat?", "what if my hair is fluffy?", "What if my ....... look flat?", "what if my ........ looks too big?", What if...what if.....

Seriously!! Have you EVER looked at an old studio portrait of your grandmother and felt nothing but love? Nostalgia? Gazed into her eyes and wondered about her daily life? Did you care about her size? did you even notice her flaws? 

What a wonderful gift the Art of Professional Portraiture is. Just like Time Travel. We can look at a portrait and go back to that time. We can almost hear her voice, smell her scent, her laugh, and quietly sit with her for a while.

​Isn't that something you would love for your children, grandchildren and future generations, be able to do?

We all carry around mini camera's in our pockets, on our phones these days, and that is fabulous that we are able to capture all of the day to day images...mainly of food lol :D but, what i do is different.


It is different because, i am a highly trained professional with a refined eye for the way the light falls across your curves, the turn of your wrist, the position of your chin, your shoulder, your knee, right down to your little toe. I am guiding you, moving you, posing you & encouraging you. It is then as we move, chat and laugh that i am able to coax out the micro expressions in your face and your body that create the magical portrait, a portrait that when you see it in its beautifully created print, makes you draw breath. Makes you stop. pause and really see yourself.

That is the difference when you visit Megan who is a Professional Portrait Photographer.

So i challenge you, gaze upon portraits of your grandmothers, go to the mirror, look deep into your eyes and see your inner beauty. then. Ring me. Lets chat. Lets create and let me draw out your beauty for an everlasting portrait that is truly beautiful.

Take care,

Megan xx




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