The Summer Queen

November 02, 2016  •  2 Comments


The Summer Queen Series | Female Photographers on the Gold Coast

Today was the reason I absolutely LOVE what I do.

I started with a vision, as i always do, months ago, and i know i say this each season ..... BUT, i think this season REALLY is my favourite!! AND....Who doesn't love summer?

As a photographer you have a vision and along the path to the day of the shoot you collect little props, Make big props, buy many different types of frocks, wigs, search hair and makeup idea's and create a visual diary of what you want to achieve. All of this takes up headspace, lots of headspace,  and for those that know me, i love to dive right into the creative process.

This quiet often means that i will forget to remind my daughter to take her violin to school, or forget to pack "brain break" in the kids lunch boxes....but it's all for the creative process right!!??!!

I hope that when you look at these images you "Feel" the summer vibe i was hoping to achieve. Images and a behind the scenes video below. 



Female Photographers Doing It Better | Stunning Summer Series


Fashion Photographer Gold CoastFashion Photography Studio Gold Coast | Photographer Megan RizzoFashion Photography Studio Gold Coast | Photographer Megan Rizzo

Female PhotographersFashion Photography Studio Gold Coast | Photographer Megan RizzoFashion Photography Studio Gold Coast | Photographer Megan Rizzo



My soul sister in Beauty BREE. @deadgorgeousmuah  Your talent and ability to create my vision is incredible. 💖💙 Follow Bree on Social Media here & here

Our model Cherie @clr_hercheek - THANK YOU for trusting us. As we painted your face and made you into a living rainbow!!

And the talented creator of all things beautiful Miss Von @mizsmittenkitten - 🌺💕 From the brief conversation we had back in July at The Cooly Rocks On! Festival, to the masterpiece you created for me. I was blown away. Thank you. Follow Miz Smitten Kitten on Social Media here

I truly appreciate each one of you and am very grateful. In a world where so many terrible things are happening, lets share the beauty and in turn, the love.



You too can become the Summer Queen. From just $350, what a fabulous gift!

Please contact me as spaces for February are March are filling up fast.

You can find the information HERE

Have a fabulous day, and don't forget, if you love it, share it.

Megan xx





absolutely fantastic! Miss Von Smitten does great work! To me this says spring with all the flowers, but yes I LOVE summer!
Megan...absolutely stunning.
My fave would have to be the one with the yellow veil across the front but they are all equally as beautiful. Xx
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