The Seasons Series so far ... SUMMER is coming !!!

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Fantasy Photography | The Season Series continues ...


For the past 9 months, i have been shooting fantasy photography with each season as it turns around. It has taught me to recognise the feelings that come with each changing moment in the year. 

The clients that have come into the studio to have their portrait made have enjoyed the whole process and constantly tell me how much they loved the day in the studio, being transformed into the Goddess of their choice.



Prepping Seasons in Fantasy Photography 


I have been busy making the backdrops and costumes for the SUMMER QUEEN - i am excited to see how it comes to life over the coming months. Think bright colours, flowers, lots of flowers, corsets, bikini's and loads of fun! Fantasy photography at its most pure.

If this is something you have been wanting to do, now is the time. Give me a buzz and lets chat about creating a personalised artwork for you to adore.

Megan xx

P: 07 5659 2262




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