37 years after it was taken. You won’t believe the connection.

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Professional Portrait


A photo has emerged of 2 kids, sitting next to each other at a school festival in 1979. 37 years after it was taken. You won’t believe the connection.


Jacaranda Festival rehearsals, Grafton 1979.Photo taken by Debra Holloway


Growing up in Grafton in the 1970's and 1980's it was tradition over the Annual Jacaranda Festival for all the primary school kids to practice a dance routine for weeks on end leading up to the Jacaranda combined school dance display.


This photo is not a Professional Portrait, but it shows the Grafton school kids who sat down in a random bunch on the grass during the days of rehearsals. The 2 kids sitting at the bottom left of the photograph with the bowl hair cut and the little girl next to him with the piggy tail were aged 10 & 9 at the time. They did not know each other when this photo was taken.


Fantasy Photography Gold CoastMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino


They both left their home town, and traveled different paths until meeting again on the Gold Coast several years later, and traveled far and wide over the globe working in hospitality and Hotel Management together.

“We have been married 20 years this year (2016) and I was amazed to have stumbled across this photo showing me and my now wife sitting next to each other (bottom left) in the 1979 school Jacaranda dance display.  You just never know!” Commented Darren.   

Fast forward 37 years later and these 2 young kids are now married with 2 teenage boys and living back in Grafton alongside their parents and school friends, working together in a local Business.

Call it fate, call it destiny, call it whatever you like, but what a great story to share with your children. 


Professional PortraitMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino


The value of a Professional Portrait


As I photographer I know how important it is to print your images, and today we take copious amounts of photo’s on our phones, tablets and iPods, but people rarely have them printed.  They are either too busy, or, yep…just too busy.


Our grandparents generation will have more printed images than this current generation. How will they ever be able look back on their family history and make these types of connections.


Moral of the story: Take loads of photographs of people, places and life. The people you love, the places you visit and the random images that make up your life. But, also, take the time to have them printed.


The original photo was taken by: Debra Holloway and uploaded to a Face book page called Clarence Valley History

Family photography: Megan Rizzo of Studio Fascino, Gold Coast.


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