Studio Fascino – What is it and how did it come about?

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Studio Fascino – What is it and how did it come about?


Firstly what does FASCINO mean??


fascino (ˈfaʃʃino) 



charm, fascination

avere fascino (persona) -  to be fascinating

una donna di gran fashion -  a woman of great charm

How did the logo come about? It looks so glamorous.

Why, thank you. I designed and made the logo as I thought about the style of the woman I would like to photograph and the glamour of the old Hollywood era that I adore. I also have a love of everything French, so I was hoping to achieve this in the logo. The black, the silver and the art deco feel of the 1920, 30’s &40’s.

studio fascinoMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino

How did you know this is the style you wanted to specialize in?

I have loved old Hollywood for a very long time. I remember as a young girl, my father giving me a book of Marilyn Munro. I fell in love. It just seemed so glamorous, so warm and romantic. As I learned to refine my photographic technique over the past few years, I was drawn back to these images and started to re-create them with my own look.

I have been a frustrated stylist for many years with a collection of sequined dresses and accessories that I have been collecting for over 20 years now. My girlfriends would always ask to try them on and play ‘dress up’s’ after a glass or two of wine. I even started collecting old American Pageant costumes after my little girl was born and as a toddler she would wear them to the supermarket & to the park, anywhere she could. It was normal every day attire for her. I laughed the day she was visiting a friend’s home and I heard her ask, “Where is your mums Dress-up room?”…it was only then that I realized for her it was ‘normal’ to have dressups! I had succeeded in life!!

So to answer your question, I suppose, looking back, it was always something I had loved and had collected…leading me up to this point now, where I can use those fabulous frocks to make women feel and look stunning.


I read this quote the other day and could relate.

QUOTE: Fantasy Photography Gold CoastMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino


What can people expect when they come to Studio Fascino?

Studio Fascino is about feeling good. About loving your inner self, looking after yourself as a woman and letting me show you how gorgeous you can become.

I have a retail section of body products that I introduce you to at our first meeting. These products by SAYA are about looking after yourself, nourishing your skin and pampering your body. Scrubs, moisturizers and oils for the body and face, all in preparation for your skin to have that gorgeous glow when you are in front of the camera.

When you come in for your photography session, I have chosen the best hair and makeup woman on the coast. I have been working with Bree for many years and she is the perfect woman to transform you into a Hollywood bombshell. It is fabulous that when we discuss the look for each client, we always have a very similar vision of how the styling should look. Bree will work her magic as you sip champagne from vintage gold embossed glasses and nibble on the delicious sweet treats ordered in just for you as the Soulful, deep, and jazzy female voices from the 1930's to the 1940's including Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney, Jo Stafford transport you.

Then come the actual shoot, where we laugh, play and talk about you and your life and get to know each other…oh and I take a couple of photographs whilst we are having fun.


Once this is complete, you are ready to hit the town with your loved one or a bunch of girlfriends, filled with your new found confidence a pizazz from our time together. Glitter now follows you wherever you walk!


Within the week, I have your images edited and printed ready for the ‘Reveal’. I will have chosen 20 images I think are the best possible shots of you and have them ready on the wall for you to choose the ones you love, as we sip more champagne, laugh, giggle and sometimes cry. These beautiful crafted images, that we created together will be carefully placed in a stunning Art box and tied with a black satin ribbon for you to take home, share with your loved ones and treasure for the rest of time.


This is all part of the package and it is only at this time that I feel fulfilled and happy that I have been able to share my craft to help you to see the true beauty that you really are. For some women, it can be life changing.


Where are you located and how can we book?


I am located at – 9/8 fortitude Cresent, Burleigh Heads. Q 4220

P – 0430 156 333

E –

W –



Fantasy Photography Gold CoastMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino



Who is Megan Rizzo?

Studio FascinoMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino


Megan Rizzo, the name behind Studio Fascino, is a Multi Award Winning photographer and the owner of Studio Fascino.


Studio Fascino specialises in creating classic and creative images that capture the elegant and timeless vintage look and feel reminiscent of Hollywood’s golden era starlets.


Megan has a passion for Vintage style and has been collecting for over 20 years. Megan also is a trained Beauty Therapist and Makeup Artist, in her younger years, and she knows what looks great when styling her clients.


Now after working out of home studio’s, made from the family garage, Megan has her own, perfectly suited commercial warehouse premises to create her photographic magic and a space to bring like minded women together to teach and inspire with her vintage Hair & Makeup workshops.


You can contact Megan on 0430 156 333 or email for an information pack. 


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