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What it means to be a Family Photographer


One of the things i first loved about being a Family photographer was that i was able to 'give' a gift to people that i met. People i observed and people who i didn't even know yet.

I have always enjoyed the feeling of giving. I think of myself as a generous type. then i realised i could make people happy by giving more photographs and not just taking them.


Each year i make sure that if i am ever approached to donate to a local charity or school fundraiser, that i give more than they asked for. It simply makes you feel good.


So this blog post is about just that. The Fredrick family were the lucky ones who won the portrait and print voucher i donated to the local school, Wellers Hill State School. I was so pleased to speak with the mother Anne after she won the prize. She told me of how they had not had family portraits done since their 3rd child was born....he is now 10! excitedly we set about discussing what their family was like and what images would best represent the personality of their family. This is such an important question that i always ask. What is the personality of your family? 


Most people have not been asked this before. I want them to look at these images we create together for a very long time and in 10, 20 or 30 years look back and say "that is exactly how we ere as a family at that exact moment in time", only then will i know i have done my job well.


The 1st images we took were of the youngest child...and how i love the spunk of child number 3. It's nothing like the energy of the 1st or even 2nd born. These guys have to fight for attention and so they become experts. I love to capture the 'look' between siblings that says so much.


Family PhotographerMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino


Family PhotographerMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino


Then once the formalities were over...we got stuck into the dress up box to find bits and pieces to match the personalities! It was so much fun!! and how cool does dad look in that top hat!

Family Photographer Megan Rizzo 


Fantasy Photography Gold CoastMegan Rizzo - Fantasy Photography Gold CoastStudio Fascino


So thank you to the fabulous Fredrick Family for your honesty, fun and enthusiasm. It makes it all worthwhile.

Megan xx


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