A story about the power of photography and social media.

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The Power of Social Media


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I would like to share a story about the power of photography and social media. 




Last week a close cousin of mine posted up an old photograph of my grandfathers alongside my grandfathers brothers and sisters which was taken at a funeral in the 1950’s. 




It immediately brought tears to my eyes. Being a photographer there is nothing I love and value more than the emotion, history and connection an old photograph can bring, a connection between where we have come from and who we are today.




I showed it to my nine year old son and asked him if he recognised anyone in the image. He immediately pointed to my Pop (aka Bunny Walsh, on the far right hand side) and said “that man looks like poppy” (my father, his grandfather) The likeness is uncanny. The same words were spoken by my 5 year old daughter when I showed her too. She couldn’t understand why her poppy was in an old photograph, until I explained it was their poppy’s, father they were looking at.




Then on social media a woman commented that the lady standing on the left hand side of the image was her great grandmother….i didn’t know this woman and so made a comment “well then..we must be related, as the lady on the right hand side is my grandmother”…and then she shared this amazing story with me…




”Hi Megan! Yes, we are related! Long story cut short : Mollie Walsh, on the left, gave birth to a baby girl in 1917 and had her adopted out. That baby was my grandmother, on my dad's side. My grandmother moved to Sydney when she was about 8 and then to Tasmania after World War II as she had met my grandfather on his way home from the war and his family lived in Evandale, just outside Launceston in Tasmania. They had 5 boys and my father is the eldest of those boys. We all still live in Tassie. I found out who Mollie Walsh was a couple of years before Nan died in 1999 but only tracked down the rest of the family about 5 years ago. Mollie is the spitting image of my Nan (Bessie).”


We have vowed to stay in touch and visit each other in the future., which is just so exciting, that via one social media post, I have new family members!


I treasure the images of my ancestors and just for one minute, would love to be able to jump into that image and have a cup of tea and a chat!






So I ask you this, what value do you put on a photograph? I know for me they are simply invaluable.






Thankyou for taking the time to read this story.






Cheers, Megan xx







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